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Business man and women pay too much when buying a business.
Until now no one knew how to determine the price of a business. It was too low or too high. So the buyer or seller lost money
You should not buy a business unless it can do three things:
1. Service the debt in buying the business
2. Pay you a salary
3. Pay you a return on the investment in the business.
That was until I discover unique software that can determine the correct price for all business and business property.
With this software all I need is 3 years tax returns and some information for the bank, which they love to give to you.
If you pay more than the amount I determine you lose. If the seller gives it for less than the amount I determine they lose.
Don?t you like win-win business? I do.
If you want to buy or sell a business contact for help, I my price is unbelievable for this service only $50. That is for all this work I do.
Just contact me at 814-456-2601 Monday-Friday at 9:30 to 3:00 PM
If I am not in the office leave a message on the answer machine. Or you can contact me be mail at Joe Trevison ; 32 West 8th Street Suite 504; Erie PA 16501, Email Joetrevis@aol.com or fax at the same number 814-456-2601
Don?t buy or sell a business until you call me.
You can?t get this information from a bank or your accountant or anyone else. Try and see what they tell you about determine the basis of buying or selling.
That is why so many businesses go out of business in 5 years or less.


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