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Do this One Thing and Beat 85% of Your Competition!
Maybe you don’t want to work that hard, or maybe you have been burned by consultants so you are not inclined to listen to one. Or maybe you already have a measure of success and don’t think you need to do anything more. No matter what positon you are in, if you Do This One Thing you will beat 85% of your competition every day of the year. If you are in the 15% category already, please email me with a sentence or two confirming how well this works for you.
What we are about to discuss applies to every business large or small and in every industry. Next, this is easy to do, but it does require some work. and a minor level of technical skill. However, I assure you if I can learn this, you can to. Finally, when you do this consistently, you will make more money than you ever imagined. This action is at the core of what makes people happy.
OK, here it is: every business has customers. if you are a professional service business, your customers may be called clients or patients. At the transaction level they are customers. They buy something from you. Some people cross the path of your business and don’t buy. Others you call on and some buy and some don’t. With each action there is a contact and when you have contact you have an opportunity to make a record of that customer or prospect’s contact information. That record can be as simple as a first name and email address. It may be comprehensive including complete contact information, biographical sketch, business history and so on.
The one thing you must do if you are in business is obtain the contact information of people doing business with you and people who visit with you but have not yet purchased. You must then use this information and let them know you are thankful and you are sincerely interested in continuing the business relationship. Yes, this applies to every business.
One of the questions I consistently receive is the concern of contacting customers using email. Think of it this way, for most people they are going to a business to buy something they want. They will welcome properly positioned messages from you. When you communicate with them regularly with messages containing valuable information and offers, they will continue to support your business and tell all their friends about you.
In assisting clients with implementing a customer development plan I have confirmed the importance of a couple very important points: First you must have a clear privacy policy, next you must use a registration process that confirms their interest in receiving information from you (opt-in) and finally they must be able to easily unsubscribe from your mailing list at anytime. I do not recommend telemarketing to your customers. However, an email alerting them to be listening for an important voice mail broadcast can work and should be tested. Email should not be relied upon exclusively. It should be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.
I offer all potential clients a complimentary call for up to one hour and most prospective clients walk away with five or more ideas they can use right now to grow their business profits. I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer before time constraints make it impossible to continue. The number is 727-587-7871 or email me by visiting my web site www.StevePohlit.com and clicking on the contact link.
Be well and prosper,
Steve Pohlit
P.S. There are some very effective techniques for drawing people who are not your customers and who are not looking for your business into your business. Look for an article on this topic soon. If you can’t wait. Call me 727-587-7871.


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