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Plan ahead this year for your corporate clients and associates holiday gifts.
Now is the time to prepare for this year?s corporate holiday gift ideas. The holiday season is fast approaching and you need to get your plan in order now. A possibilities list is your rough draft of gift ideas for clients and associates on your gift list. You need a separate possibilities list for each person on your list.
Your local business associates and clients are the first phase of planning, and are usually the easiest to work on. You tend to see and associate with local clients more frequently than those out of state or country. If you kept good notes in your contact file, your selection will be easier.
A box of favorite cigars, a tin of imported beluga caviar or a select bottle of spirits given personally at a holiday party and can be easily planned ahead of time. Knowing your clients background, likes, dislikes, etc. can go a long way in purchasing a gift they know was shopped specifically for them.
Tip: Always make a mental note of what your client ordered at lunch or dinner. It should be listed on the receipt. Jot it down in your contact manager. Likes spaghetti, seafood, vodka, white wine, dislikes port wine, bourbon, wild game, etc. Do the same for other categories such as sports and travel. If you don?t have this information compiled yet, take some time now to sort through lunch and dinner receipts, etc. to begin your possibilities list.
And here is what makes a perfect holiday business gift. Uniqueness and personality which will show the client that thought went into the selection. Isn?t that what gift giving is supposed to be about anyhow? You want to make your business client or associate feel special. Scotch or champagne for everyone does not work, as many do not drink alcohol. Take the time now to form a possibilities list for each person. It will make final selections much easier.
What about clients and associates that are out of state or those you don?t have much personal information about? In this case, you don?t have personality to work with but you can still purchase something unique and special. A special gift that is gaining popularity is a Maine lobster dinner that is delivered to the clients? door. The gift is unique and can be adjusted in size to fit your budget. It is also very easy to send and can be redeemed by the client for a special evening anytime. Read further reviews on lobster gift delivery and other unique foods at www.lobster-caviar-truffles.com.
As this holiday season draws near, remember to set aside a little extra time to form a possibilities list for your clients and associates. If you use the same thought process you use when selecting gifts for your family, the uniqueness and personality of your selection will show, and you will be remembered for it.

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