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In the first lesson, we learned how to create a Letterhead. In this article, we will learn to create other stationery items using our template.
Making Compliment Slips:
In Microsoft Word, click on ‘new’ from the toolbar. A new file will open. We need to set-up our new project. First, to get the maximum print area, go to ‘File’ — ‘Page Setup’. Set the top and bottom margins to 0. Click ‘ok’. A warning box will appear, alerting you about small margins. Click ‘fix’ — ‘ok’. Go to the ‘File Menu’ and click ‘Save’.
Next, we need a place to create data. Go to the ‘Insert Menu’ and click on ‘Text Box’. Click at the top of the page and ‘drag’ the mouse diagonally, to create a Text Box.
Tip: You can’t put a picture or ‘ClipArt’ into a text box, therefore you must delete the picture or ClipArt before continuing. BE SURE: When you close the template and are asked if you want to save the changes, click ‘no’. This will leave your picture or ClipArt in your template. Paste the text in the text box and press ‘enter’.
Click outside the text box and insert your picture or ClipArt. In lesson 1, we covered how to insert ClipArt.
Note: If you ever need to change the information in your Stationery, fix the text in your letterhead first.
You should be able to fit 3 Compliment slips on one page. To create the second one, click on the text box. Right-click and choose copy from the menu. Click outside the box, right-click and choose ‘Paste’. A second text box will appear, on top of the first one. Click on it and drag it down underneath the first one. Repeat the steps for this one and the next one, like we did the first one.
You don’t want the text box border to print, so click on the box — go to the ‘Format Menu’ — ‘Text Box’. Choose the ‘Colors and Lines tab’. in the ‘line’ section, click on the ‘Color’ box — ‘no line’ — ‘ok’. Got to the ‘File menu’ and click ‘print’.
You want your Business Cards to match your Letterhead and Compliments Slip. We will learn to do Business Cards in another lesson.

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