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Are you tired of commuting to work, racing the clock to get there on time, dressing in work clothes everyday, and feel like your whole life is just stuck in traffic. If you do, use these proven 12 free tools, to start your business opportunity at home, and gain your freedom with no money and no-risk.
By Bruce Scher
Jo Rowling, was a 32-year old mom on welfare, who wrote an hour a day when her daughter napped. Today, she is the well-known, JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books. Her business opportunity is writing, 5 books in 5 years, 2 of the books were made into films, and her reported net worth is about $500 million.
She says “I didn’t know I’d be successful one day, but I knew if I at least tried, I’d have a chance. I don’t believe I’m more talented than anyone else, I’m just bloody persistent, and work at it, every bloody day.”
12 Free Tools To Pursue Your Business Opportunity

Free “100 Hot Home Business Opportunities”
If you’re short on ideas, this survey of home business owners tell which businesses they would start if not presently running one.

Free $100 Worth of Traffic To Your Site
The following pay-per-click search engines offer your business opportunity free clicks to try their service.
http://www.zugbo.com ($10)
http://www.searchbidder.com ($5)
http://www.sellingcircle.co.uk ($5)
http://www.lookforstuff.com ($10)
http://www.linkmodule.com ($10)
http://www.helavasearch.com ($10)
http://www.go2simon.com ($10)
http://www.4portalsites.com ($10)
http://www.ban-x.com ($25)
https://safe.kanoodle.com/client_services/listings/index.cool?refid=58980804 ($5)

Free Search Engine Submission
Sites allow you submit your business opportunity without a fee.

Free Website Analysis
Have a professional evaluate your business opportunity’s. website by email.

Free Advertising Links
Free service allows your business opportunity to build up links.

Free Banner Exchange
Easy sign up for your business opportunity.
http://www.linkbuddies.com .

Free Email Mailings
Allows your business opportunity to email professionally.

Free Article Submission
Write an article about your business opportunity.


Free Recommend A Site
Allow visitors to tell their friends about your site.

Free Newsletter
Covers all areas of web commerce.

Free Yahoo Store
30-day trial to test your business opportunity.

Free Internet Marketing Forums
Discussion groups to promote your business opportunity.

Bradley Alexander, found his business opportunity as a ticket broker six months ago, says “I absolutely love working at home, I can’t even remember my annoying supervisor’s name any longer, I ‘ve more profitable things to concentrate now on.” Instead of supplying tickets to all events, Brad has found the niche market of supplying tickets to rock concerts in several nearby cities during the same tour plus offering transportation.

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