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Ever heard the saying, ?It takes Money to make Money?? The principle of borrowing money from banks and other credit agencies to make money has been a relatively basic assumption since early trade days. Existing business owners may want to expand their business, buy more inventory, or even hire more employees. New business owners need start-up capital to get all the balls rolling. Many times businesses take out loans, just because they can. It helps build good credit standing. When discussing the purposes of a business loan, one must look at the various types of loans available. Many times, the reasons your business may need a loan don?t fall under reasons the bank feels you need a loan. Here are a few examples of types of loans available and the functions these loans are used for:
? Short-term loans are usually used for short-term working capital for a business temporarily in need of cash. These loans may be based upon seasonal fluctuations, and other short-term problems that a business may encounter. Usually, these loans are paid within 1 year.
? Intermediate loans are often used for businesses that are starting up. These loans may be used to build inventory, buy equipment, or increase working capital. Working capital is money needed for business purposes such as paying employees, maintaining good over-head, and other business needs.
? Long-term loans can be given to business owners that are well established and wish to increase their fixed assets, for related business acquisitions, and for expansion. Long-term loans may be given to start-up businesses, as well. Usually for purchases of land or buildings, construction efforts, and long-term working capital, these loans have terms that run 3-5 years.
? Government small business loans are available through financial institutions, as well. The government guarantees these loans if certain criteria are met regarding the business and the business owner. These types of loans can be used for various reasons: the purchase of land or buildings, new construction or expansion, to acquire equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, supplies and materials, and to refinance existing business debts that have higher rates and unreasonable terms. These loans can be used for both short term and long term working capital as well.
Most commercial banks, credit unions, and even investors expect business owners to have a well-thought out plan regarding their business. These business plans should incorporate the usage of loans in a very decisive manner.

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