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As a business coach I have written a great deal about building a higher performance venture, creating breakthroughs, inventing the future, and generally moving faster than the speed of change — or at the very least — moving faster than your competitors.
The most important thing you can do now – right at this moment – is get moving on something that’s going to make a big, a tremendous difference.
Reading this little bit of coaching and simply setting it down, even if you say to yourself “Wow! That sounds like it will work!” will, as you know already, accomplish nothing.
Pick a problem — pick something you’ve been thinking about for a while — and apply any and all ideas that you think fit that best.
Or pick any business coaching article at random and put it to work. You needn’t start big (although that would be my personal preference) – start small if you like.
Choose an idea and bring it to your next management meeting. Have your team help you flesh it out and put it into action.
(And if you ARE your team, you can get busy immediately.)
Or take a take a concept and apply it to that thorny sales problem you have. Perhaps some of your staff can be supercharged by a particular possibility.
Start anywhere, start doing anything, but start.
If you want a breakthrough, you must first decide to create a breakthrough. If you want to shape the future, you must see its possibility in your mind’s eye.
And then get busy.

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