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A short and memorable web address will ensure that your new contacts can also locate you and be updated with your company?s developments.
Always use your corporate email address when corresponding with your networks.
Incorporate a blog (an online diary) in your corporate website and invite your networks to contribute to your comments.
Profile your networks and provide free links back to their own websites.
Join Networking online forums like OpenBC, LinkedIn and Ecademy etc.
Join Trade Associations.
Ensure that your namecard has relevant contact information and keywords about what you do.
Provide free content for global portals will also ensure that your website will appear high on search engines? ranking. However, this may not be sustainable in the long run as your content may be ?open-source? and you will find it difficult to incorporate it in your own intellectual capital.
Provide fresh ideas for media companies like television and broadcasting stations.
Share your research and white-papers with public.
Write book reviews and interview business authors to complement your books reviews.

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