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The feedback facilitator should provide a brief introduction about his background. This is to assure the group about his competence and professionalism in directing the session.
The feedback facilitator should also have the detailed bio of all the participants.
It is preferable to have another person to take down and later transcribe the minutes of the session.
It is very important to set out the parameters and the background of the discussion.
The duration of the feedback session has to be confirmed and the feedback facilitator has to ensure that all ideas have to be recorded within that time period.
The facilitator must have good communication skills in not allowing any one person to monopolise the feedback sharing.
If the discussion is going to be taped, all feedback contributors have to be informed first. The reason is that some members will want to be anonymous when providing their view point.
Relevant materials must be given out for feedback contributors to review.
The facilitator should ensure that all participants be given at least the summary of the entire proceedings.
The facilitator should provide his contact or email if contributors will like to give more ideas after the session.

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