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If you are deep in debt and have a bad credit history then finding a company that offers a bad credit consolidation service may seem the ideal solution. However, it is important to investigate all of the options before taking such a drastic step. Bad credit consolidation solutions usually come at a hefty price in the long run so it is vital to choose carefully.
Most people who have amounts of debt do not any form of bad credit consolidation solution as long as you make every effort to spend less and pay off your bills. Obviously, you do not need to pay a bad credit consolidation advisor to tell you that.
Before you look to taking out any kind of bad credit consolidation loan it is essential to call the companies that you owe and plead your case for lower interest rates and a longer payment schedule. You may well find that you will be given reasonable arrangements if you explain that you are considering using a bad credit consolidation service. Many firms would prefer you to pay less over a longer period of time than have to deal with the negotiations of a bad credit consolidation agency.
The interest rates of most bad credit consolidation packages are more or less the same and any very low rates that are advertised are for people who have great credit. You need to be sure you know exactly what the cost of entering the bad credit consolidation program is, and whether it will be worth it in the end, so you should inquire about interest charges and any other fees that might stack up during the program.
Your credit rating may or may not benefit from working with a bad credit consolidation plan however it is unlikely to make your credit rating worse. Many creditors will actually see that having a bad credit consolidation plan in effect as a sign of you trying to get your finances back on track.
A bad credit consolidation plan and loan is most certainly a better option than declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will follow you for a long time whereas the bad credit consolidation loan only remains for as long as you are paying it off. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will be part of your financial history for roughly 10 years. Chapter 13 can be much longer depending on how many years you need to pay off your debts. If you do decide to go forward with declaring bankruptcy, rather than taking a bad credit consolidation loan then make sure you are prepared to deal with the consequences.
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