title:Assembly Work At Home Scams author:Tina Barraclough source_url:http://www.articlecity.com/articles/business_and_finance/article_908.shtml date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:06 category:business_and_finance article: Many people who need extra money would like to work from home. Unfortunately, some companies cheat people out of their money by preying on this desire to make money from home. Most work at home “opportunities” look like legitimate ways to make extra cash. They often advertise ads in local newspapers , magazines , or through E-MAIL. These ads typically say something like “EARN &2,500 A MONTH GUARANTEED WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME” send $20-$40 for details. While many work at home scams exist , I would like to tell you about one of the common work at home scams , known as ‘ASSEMBLY WORK AT HOME” The ads are enticing; “Get an assembly work at home job and make loads of money! “Can these ads be trusted? NO! Are there legitimate work at home assembly jobs available? In all reality , you will not find a legitimate assembly work at home job. The majority of these ads are worthless. They attempt to prey on the disabled, the elderly, and most of all, those of us who would like to work at home, or start their own home based business. Here is what usually happens if you answer to one of these “assembly work at home” information request ads. First, you request “free “information about this opportunity. You then receive “basic “information that asks you to typically pay between $20 and $40 dollars for the complete details and materials to get started earning money right away. After you pay them their fee, you get back a packet of information about the assembly work at home opportunity, and which companies are waiting to hire you. Here’s the catch: you will most likely never make a dime from any of these companies. Why? Because after you purchased the supplies and or equipment needed to get started, and have done the work, these companies will not pay you. In fact, many people have had these companies refuse to pay for their work because it did not [and will not] meet their quality standards. “Unfortunately, no work is ever “up to standard” leaving you with expensive equipment and/or supplies, and no income. If you are victimized: If you become a victim of an “assembly, or other “work at home scheme, ask the company for a refund. If they refuse, or give you an evasive response, tell them you plan to notify LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS. Keep careful records of everything you do to recover your money. Document your phone calls, keep copies of all paperwork such as letters and receipts, and record all costs involved, including the time you spend. If the company refuses to refund your money, contact: Your LOCAL BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU at: http://lookup.bbb.org Your LOCAL or STATE Consumer Affairs Agency The U. S POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE at: http://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/ Your STATE’S ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE at: http://www.naag.org ,or the office in the STATE where the company is. The advertising manager of the publication that ran the ad you answered. To learn more about Work-at-Home Schemes, contact the following: Your local BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU http://lookup.bbb.org DIRECT MARKETING ASSOCIATION http://www.the-dma.org FEDERAL TRADES COMMISSION http://www.ftc.gov NATIONAL FRAUD INFORMATION CENTER http://www.fraud.org 1-800-876-7060 U. S POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE http://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/ ZZZZZZ

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