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My 14 year old son attends classes at a martial arts center. The martial arts center is run by a 30 year old man. He is by all means a successful business man for his young age. He stood in front of his class and asked them if they knew what the most powerful muscle is in their body was. There was not an answer. My thought was he would say your brain. When the 10 year old in front of me popped up and said ?My brain!.” We all chuckled. He went on to explain that the tongue is the most powerful muscle in your body.
This instructor is a man who works out in martial arts 6 days a week and he is a tower of power and flexibility. So it was strange to hear this response. So this grabbed the audience?s attention. He went on to explain what he meant to the young adults. ?By your own tongue you can tell yourself that you will fail or succeed. It is totally up to you.? He continued on to tell the kids that he believes much of life is what you tell your brain. He added ?You can choose to tell yourself that you can and you will or you can?t and you won?t.? He went on to say ?Believe in yourself. Set goals for yourself and you will achieve them. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. It is totally up to you. So set your goals high and work toward them.?
It is customary for the instructor to give a motivational speech at the end of the belt test. This instructor has always impressed me. He takes the time to greet each person by walking person and shake their hand firmly. He smiles and speaks positively to the kids and their families about their lives and dreams. He is encouraging and has been a mentor for many young adults in our community. When I see him, I can not help but think positive thoughts. Do you know someone like this?
It was important for me to hear his message. As I was sitting in the audience, I was playing a negative tape. So as I sat there I thought about how I could start replacing my negative thoughts with positive ones. You can begin simply by writing out sentences that turn the negatives in your life to positive. What are you beating yourself up about?
If you have debt that you are working on paying it off, I have a plan to become debt free. I am working every day to gain control of my spending so I can become debt free.
I decide to create a positive affirmation to review about what I want out of life.
Here it is:
I have a plan for the success of my business. I am working my plan everyday. I know what I want and what I must do to get there. Every day I get closer to my goal. The steps I am taking today will ensure my success tomorrow. I am healthy and choose a healthy lifestyle. I am happy with where I am right now. I am growing stronger in conviction everyday. I choose to believe that I can and I will accomplish my goals. I will make more contacts everyday to help my business grow. I will not allow anyone to steal my dream because I can make my dreams come true everyday. My attitude is a choice and I choose to be positive. I feel like a million bucks and nobody can take that from me.
Have you been letting negative thoughts about your business creep into your head? Do you have a plan for your success? Sit down today and write out what you want with how you are going to get there. Place the affirmations in a spot where you can read it daily. It will make a huge difference in your life and your business. It will remind you of what you need to do next!
When you find yourself saying, I will never succeed. Review your positive affirmation plan and do something positive for your business today!

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