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Simple Ways To Improve Your Team?s Performance
If you are a leader trying to create a positive work environment, hold off on buying posters and new carpet for your work area and take look in the mirror. Did you know that 70% of how your team members feel while being at work comes from you, the leader? Did you know that as the leader, your actions and emotions are transferred to your team members?
So what can you do to generate a work place that team members feel motivated to do their best? Just a few simple things will make the difference. First of all, make sure your team knows that your role is to make them successful in their role. If they know and believe this, they will be open to trust you and act on your vision of the future.
Next, make it a point to smile and be upbeat and positive. As the leader, you influence more than 70% of how team members feel while at work. And if your team can share in your new attitude, they will perform better and provide better service to their customers. You do have the ability to transfer your emotions to your team, so make sure they are getting the more productive ones.
And finally, empower your team when and where you can. One of the most common reasons people leave a job is because they do not feel that they have input and control of the things that take place around them. If you can give your team members the ability to make small changes to procedures that may assist customers, give them that ability. If the time of day they arrive and leave work is not important, let them set their own schedule.
Just a few simple changes in the way you lead will make a significant impact on how happy and productive your team is. So take a look the mirror and make some changes today.
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Kreg Enderson
Leadership Coach/Mentor

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