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Achieving success in life no matter how one may define what successful is will always be dependent on being persistent. No matter what the success goals are, be it in business, sports or even family life, being persistent will always play an important role.
Being persistent is defined as continuing to move on with whatever goal has been planned originally even though an external event or initial losses may have slowed down, or temporarily halt a person while he’s on his way in his trip towards achieving his goals in life.
There was this movie shown which starred Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert De Niro titled “Men of Honor”. It’s a true to life story of Carl Brashear, who’s the first African-American diver in the United States Navy to reach a rank of Master Diver at a time in history when it was difficult for African-American navy personnel to go beyond the average and excel.
Brashear (played by Gooding) had been very much persistent in his goal of completing the navy diver course even though Master Diver Billy Sunday (played by De Niro) who’s been the instructor of Brashear had made the diver course difficult for him to accomplish. He was able to endure and eventually succeed all the racially motivated challenges he had faced in order to be able to complete the Navy diver course.
Brashear’s persistence in achieving his goal towards success in life didn’t end there as he has this ultimate goal of attaining the rank of Master Diver. As he accidentally lost his legs midway in his career while serving in the Navy, he continued to move on by undergoing intense physical therapy recovery programs in order for him to recover. With an artificial leg, was able to function in his duties in the Navy again and still be able to attain his ultimate goal of becoming a full pledged Master Diver.
In the example above that presents persistence in attaining success, unexpected events has happened in Master Diver Brashear’s life. Even though he has set forth plans for himself to reach his goals in the Navy, certain events had almost prevented him from reaching them. It’s his persistence that had helped him reach into himself and picked him up from his pitfalls and pushed him still to work harder in order for him to realize his goals.
In all aspects of life, there will always be challenges that will be ahead of anyone who has planned a success road map. There will be hurdles and humps along the way and the only way to cut short the journey towards the end of the map is if the person traveling that success road map has decided to stop, change directions or even return back to square one.
In order to determine how persistent a person is in his pursuit of success, he needs to know what drives him towards success. Monetary rewards at the end of the journey sometimes do not necessarily guarantee that the journey was successful.
A persistent person will always require the passion and the drive of accomplishing his goals in life.
Passion and drive in whatever a person does in life makes him committed towards his goal. Material rewards comes in secondary and only serves as a bonus once they reach the end of their success road map.
The commitment to finish a task or a goal is kept afloat by passion and drive. While this trait is intangible, it’s a trait that is available for free to anybody.
While the commitment to finish the trip is fueled by passion and drive towards the success road map, its always best to check oneself how committed he is in achieving his personal goals. How committed he is in achieving his plans on the other hand can be checked on how driven and passionate he is in what he is doing.
If the goals or objectives are worth all the risk, the time and the effort, this already justifies the reason to be committed. Being committed then justifies the passion and the drive.
Anybody can become committed to his dream of becoming successful in life. As long as he knows that what he’s doing is worth everything he has been working hard for and this includes the risks of failing along with the emotional and physical stresses, then that fuels the reason why he should continue moving on and be persistent in his pursuit of success.

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