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Imagine you’ve just returned from an all expenses paid 3 day
seminar all about marketing/Windows Vista/ Sales or something
else you’re into to.

By using the methods and techniques you’ve learnt you’ll improve
your career or business.

But there’s a secret that Napoleon Hill has written about. Let
me explain…

‘Normal’ learning is just like the seminar you’ve completed,

It’s the same if you go to seminars, read books, listen to tapes,
CDs or DVDs. All of them work to some extent. But usually you
retain less than 25% of what you’ve learnt in these ways.

Cute, eh? You’ve paid to be stuffed full of knowledge for
three days and you only get to keep a few hours worth. It makes
you want to ask for a large discount.

Just kidding. But you see what I’m saying?

Listen. I am not knocking these ways. Not at all. I use them
myself. But, if you want to move forward saving yourself
energy, time and money, these ways don’t cut it.

Let?s look at some vital facts about the usual way of learning,
the reason it’s so ineffective and yet, incredibly is
used by more than 95% of business owners and entrepreneurs!

People who learn from books usually retain about 7% of everything
they read. So to get anything of use from a book you need to read
it again and again.

I know that, and it’s the reason I, and other marketeers, re-read
the marketing greats from history many times.

Others use cassette tapes and CDs to learn from. Their retention
rate is better but still appallingly it’s only 20%.

Like many people I do attend seminars. This way is almost no
better and people tend to retain only about 25% of what they
learn there.

Can you believe that most people I meet use one or all of these
ways to grow their business?

I’m completely gobsmacked.

Or at least I am now.

If you’d asked me only four years ago I’d have said that learning
using seminars was actually a highly effective way of learning
stuff. This was despite compelling evidence to the contrary.

One piece of evidence was when I attended a Jay Abraham bootcamp
at Heathrow about 6 years ago. It was a high priced seminar and
associated expenses. Over three thousand pounds, excluding the
costs of 3 nights at the Raddisson Edwardian hotel and British
Airways flights from Manchester.

There were several people there who’d attended similarly
priced Jay bootcamps 5,6 and 7 times before in the UK and the USA
and were still learning stuff! The same stuff.

I had a dream, it was freedom. Both personal and financial. Maybe
your dream is something similar?

Over the years I’ve bought wheelbarrow loads of audio tapes and
CDs from Peter Thompson, Jay Abraham, Earl Nightingale and many
others. Because I was convinced I was learning stuff. So that one
day I’d run my own company helping other people realise their
dreams too.

Eventually I got the secret. It’s the one thing you need to do.
I’ll come back to that in a minute.

Think about your own dream. How close is it now?

If you seriously want to carry out your dream you begin by
mapping out exactly where you want to go. Then take action and
keep taking action towards the dream. Don’t deviate, keep focused
and you’ll make it.

And the most effective way to make your dream come true is to
work on it with other people. And they must be people who support
your dream.


So what is the best way to learn?

And by the way, this way is pretty much 100% effective in helping
you achieve your goals.

It’s simple, but very powerful. It’s an open secret. You need to
work first with a mentor/coach and then also with a mastermind
group to hoist you from your comfort zone and straight into

I’ve seen people who are convinced they’re moving forward by
reading books, taking courses, listening to Cds and attending
seminars. But time and time again what lets them down is the

You must act on what you know. By implementing what you’re
learning you’re making it tangible and part of your own

You’d not believe the amount of marketing and copywriting
knowledge I’ve accumulated before I started running my own
business full-time. Like so many others I was waiting for when I
could afford it, when the time was right.

Eventually I got a mentor who showed me there is no need to get
it perfect. The only need is to take the some actions, right or

You don’t need all your ducks in a row before you start.

When you start you don’t even need to know how you’re going to
get to your goal.

You must gain the subconscious confidence to trust a mentor to
open you up to a new way. To help you create, focus and execute
your ideas in your market place rapidly.

So here is a simple test for you to find out how wedded you are
to the traditional ways of learning.

(1) Are you almost in the same position you were six months ago?

(2) Are you almost in the same position you were one month ago?

(3) Are you in the same position as you were one week ago?

If any answer was a “yes” you need to reflect on what you’re

Think about this. You’re fooling yourself into thinking that a
book, a seminar or audio programme is moving you forward. People
in your business who know the reality know this is exactly the
learning style that holds you back.

Don’t do it anymore. Be resolute.

Take ACTION now.

Get yourself a mentor/coach, Find a mastermind group. Let them
help you to create specific action steps to help you dominate
your market, fast.

Failure to do so means you’ll lose market share and you’ll allow
others to get the upper hand over you.

Wherever you are, start-up, struggling business, mature business
or anywhere between. Your next steps needs to be these …

1) Put away this email after you’ve read it

2) Make a personal connection with a mentor/coach. Call them now.

3) Vitally invest in it. Make sure that you pay him or her.
Because a key point is people don’t move forward until they pay.

You must do this.

Take action, do it now while you’re thinking about it. Putting
this to one side means you’ll go back to your comfort zone and
“forget” to follow through.

So my best wishes to you and I know you’ll succeed.

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