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Professor Mustafa Dorbayani, PhD, who is known as Guru MD in the world of business did it again. With his unique psycho-philosophical approach in management coaching and training, he has introduced another deep groundbreaking concept for re-building an organisation in title of I.M.M.
This abbreviation, which stands for Iron-Made Management, covers the three most challenging areas of organisational Culture, Human Resources and Management Development Training. The prospective concept of I.M.M is said to help produce Managers or Executives who are solid and strong as iron in their vision and principle values!
Currently and for the first time this project is being implemented at ThyssenKrupp in Hungary and Mr. R. Schlink; the C.E.O of that organisation has made series of positive comments on this innovative tool in some of their local reviews.
Now, the question is, could this be the one and most thorough way to go? The yellow brick road to answer the world?s management principle issues?
For the past couple of years that I have been chasing a handful of gurus? activities around the world, I witnessed plenty of surprising outcomes in various organisations but here what I can say is: maybe still not, but somewhere deep down we all want to live in the MD?s world, i.e. having staff who can stick to organisational principles!
Hungary as well as some other European countries that are sharing MD?s vision have already stepped into that yellow brick road. Can ThyssenKrupp take us by storm? Could Guru MD make another success story?
We need to have patience and see what I.M.M could bring to the world of management.
John Harvey

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