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So you want to make money using a pay per click program like Google’s Adsense or the new Yahoo Publisher program, or maybe even some other PPC program out there, but don’t know exactly where to start?
Maybe you’ve even seen websites for sale on EBAY touting the promise of $10,000 in a month if you’ll only buy their website, most times for $99 or so.
But let me ask you this. If these geniuses selling these turnkey websites for less then a hundred bucks could actually make that kind of money from the website, would they waste their time trying to sell them to you for a hundred bucks, or would they focus on raking in that ten grand themselves? The answer is obvious.
Once again many people will be duped into buying a worthless item with the hopes of an early retirement. Most of them had the right idea, but no one gave them the correct tools to follow up with.
Let me ask you this. If I told you I was going to make you an auto mechanic, but only gave you a set of wrenches, could you get the job done? Of course not. You need to know how to actually USE the tools. Simply putting the tools in your hand is not enough.
The same goes for starting your home based internet business. Anyone can buy an Adsense or Yahoo Publisher targeted website, but that alone is not enough. You need to know what to do with it AFTER you have the site. That means Promotion. Something as simple as writing an article like this one, and then putting up a link to your website, like this one: http://www.thegiftedone.com and then putting it out there.
Promoting your new Adsense or Yahoo Publisher website is MUCH more important then the actual website itself. The reason for this is simple. Both Adsense and Yahoo Publisher are going to pay you for clicks to their links on your page. If there are no surfers there to click, there’s nothing to get paid for. Your shiny new Adsense site that you bought off ebay is worthless. That is until you get some surfers there to click the links. Then is when you’ll know if you bought something good. Then you’ll actually be able to tell if you purchased a site that was worth your money based on click thru ratios.
This is why I suggest that you seriously consider what you are buying before you believe any hype you see for a premade Adsense or Yahoo Publisher site. There is absolutely NO way that person can know what that site will profit you if it does not have traffic. I don’t care how many times they tell you “we are making XX amount of money with similar sites”. So what? That does not mean YOU will make the same money. Plus you have ZERO proof that they are making it on other sites in the first place. As I said before, if they were making $10,000 a month from other websites they own, why in the heck are they even bothering to sell them on EBAY??? Wouldn’t that time be better spent building more sites for themselves that each make $10,000?
When starting your new home based business or internet venture, please always ask alot of questions. Be informed. Know what the committment is going to be on your end. There really is no free lunch and to be successful you really are going to have to do some work. The days of slapping up a single website and sitting back and waiting for the cash to roll in are over.
But it can still be done. There are still billions to be made on the internet. All it takes is a little dedication. A little effort.
If you are interested in starting a new Adsense or Yahoo publisher business, I have put up a forum at http://www.affiliatewebsitedesign.com/forum/ and you are more then welcome to join. It’s free and you can ask any questions you like about starting your new internet business. I have helped hundreds of webmasters start their online businesses and would be happy to help you. You don’t need any knowledge about the internet, no code writing skills, nothing. Only the desire to make it happen for you! I hope to see you there soon!
Chuck Crawford

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