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Writing a good resume cover letter is something you should seriously consider when preparing to send off your resume to potential employers.
Here are seven important cover letter writing tips:

Address the individual by name. If you don?t know their name then use: ?Dear Sir or Madam? or ?Dear Human Resources Director?.
Attract attention with a strong opening paragraph. Create impact. Give them a reason to keep reading about you.
Refer to your enclosed resume. Be specific in describing your skills, experience and accomplishments. Use actual examples of things you?ve done.
Let the employer know what you can do for them. What can you bring to their organization?
Keep the letter?s tone of voice positive and professional. Be persuasive but don?t come off like a cheap used car salesman. Remember to ask for the interview!
Double check your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Have someone proofread the letter.
Sign your letter and keep a copy for your files.

Writing a strong cover letter will help you (and your resume) stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, your cover letter will give employers a reason to pick up the phone and invite you to that all-important job interview.

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