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Bad credit can sometimes feel like the end of the world, but it doesn?t have to be. There is now a wealth of credit options, such as credit cards, out there for people with bad credit. Sure, you may not have all the options when it comes to terms and percentage rates, but at least you will have a way to build your credit back up to ultimate personal freedom.
1. Visit Your Local Credit Union
One of the best things you can tell someone with damaged, or bad, credit is to visit their local credit union. These bank-like institutions may be more than likely to extend you a card if you belong to a particular community, civic organization, union, or other social group.
2. Explore Your Alternatives
Another good option is to explore alternative credit card companies, such as gas company cards, department store cards, and newer card companies. These will help you not only organize your finances. They will also help you slowly build up the credit you need to get a card from one of the big credit companies.
3. Get a Buddy to Co-Sign
If you still have no luck securing a card, don?t give up yet. Try to see if you could have a friend or relative be a co-signer on a card. Basically, they?re agreeing to shell over the cash you owe if you default on your payments, an agreement that tends to make creditors feel a bit more comfortable. Hopefully, of course, it won?t come to that. Also, check out secured credit cards. With these newer type cards, you set up your own credit limit by putting that exact dollar amount in a savings account. Basically, it?s like betting on your own good debt behavior.
4. Shop Around
There is a fast and furious market out there for your business. Credit cards like anything else are all about getting new customers and making money, so it stands to reason that there will be a lot of selection out there to choose from. That means, put bluntly, don?t jump on the first “yes” offer. Shop around.
5. Reality Check
Then again, you will have all of these card offers?but don?t expect any one to blow you away. Compared to regular credit cards, bad credit credit cards won?t have the best rates, APRs, penalties, annual fees, or credit limits. For instance, your credit limit may only begin at $500, and late fees may blow your socks off.

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