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Don?t fall victim to typical or clich? financial goals that you know, from your own experience, you haven?t been able to stay focused on. Switch things up and simply commit to spending 10-15 minutes, one day a week, thinking about ways you can turn regular spending into savings. Choose a specific dollar bill, for example, a five or ten dollar bill, that you will separate and save for a special purpose every time one ends up in your possession. Or if you?re not ready to brown bag it at work, commit to drinking water every day with your lunch. This should save you about $1.50 a day, which, over an entire week should cover the cost of your lunch on Friday.
2) Pinpoint Financial STRESS
Not sure where to focus your financial efforts? Start by finding out where the greatest opportunity is by asking yourself, ?What?s the one thing you don?t want anyone to know about your current financial situation?? The answer should concisely pinpoint the financial area of your life that needs your most urgent attention.
3) Sleep on IT!
It?s getting more and more difficult to keep up with Joneses who inevitable continue to raise the perceived standards of a good living. Commit to a dollar amount that you will not spend until you have thought it over for 24 or 48 hours. By avoiding compulsive expenses, you can save hundreds of dollars.
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