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Candidates who submit their resumes online to job boards, or what they believe to be direct to hiring authorities, run the risk of three common problems. These include:
Number One: Who reviews resumes submitted from the internet? Usually, it?s not an executive or the immediate hiring authority. Many times, screeners have no industry expertise in the key attributes they?re screening for. Many companies hire part-time or temporary employees to screen (and discard) potential candidates. Qualified, established recruiters use industry expertise and a phone call to screen qualified candidates. Good recruiters take the time to speak with many qualified candidates before setting the parameters on who to move forward with.
Number Two: The internet does not screen qualified candidates. Matching candidate needs with corporate hiring requirements is hit or miss through the internet, depending on which side of the screen one sits. A candidate becomes only as good as the corporate screener reads and understands the resume ? nothing more.
Number Three: Once submitted through the internet, recruiters add no value to any candidacy. If recruiters try, their efforts are viewed as self-serving or as a desperate move on the part of the candidate or as a trick to ?smooth? over a perceived shortcoming of the candidate?s credentials. None of these achieve the desired result of screening qualified candidates, interviewing potential employees and matching hiring needs with candidate needs.
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