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Firstly a joint venture is when two people work on a project together for a set period of time. This is a critical stage in the internet marketing strategy process
Joint ventures can help you in a number of ways such as beating your competition, saving time and money, increasing your profits, getting many referrals, and much more. The following are ten online joint venture ideas:
1. The basic joint venture would be exchanging text links or banners with other related web sites.
2. Sharing a website. Both parties will be marketing and advertising the same web site which means twice as much traffic.
3. Combine both products into one with another business into one big package. Then split the profit 50/50
4. Exchange testimonials or endorsements for each others products or services.
5. Offer your product as a free bonus to another businesses or product. In exchange ask for a small portion of the profits.
6. Offer to insert a promotional ad for another business into your product package. Just ask them in return to do the same for your business.
7. Get a business in a related business to make a promotional ebook. Give the book away as a free bonus with your ads included in it
8. Create a freeware program with another business. Include a promotional ad for each of your businesses in the program.
9. Trade e-zine or auto-responder ads with similar businesses
10. Host a seminar with another business. The endorse each others products.
Adapt some of these ideas to boost your sales. The key is to approach your joint venture in the right manner. Make your joint venture letter personal otherwise it could be viewed as spam and not read.

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