Title: Coin Collecting goes online in unique Coin Trading Forum for Coin Collectors.

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Cointradingonline.com is an on-line forum connecting sellers and collectors of rare and valuable coins from around the world. The site fosters a sense of community for coin collectors. Registration is free.

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Toronto, ON May 18, 2007 ? As the old saying goes, ?a penny saved is a penny earned.? Depending on the age, condition and rarity of that same penny ? it could prove to be worth a lot more.

It is generally believed that coin collecting began in the fourteenth century. Today, it is considered a very competitive sport among devote coin collectors and coin traders. Coin collecting has become such a huge industry in the United States, each year one week in April is noted as National Coin Week.

This year?s event ran from April 15 ? 21. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) sponsors this annual event as a way to increase general public interest in coin collecting. A coin drop kicks off the week long festivities and collectors are encouraged to put one of their collectables into circulation in the hope that the person who receives it will become a rare coin collector once this treasure has been found.

The art of coin trading is quickly modernizing and is making the move on-line. One unique site, Coin Trading Online, on the web at http://www.cointradingonline.com connects buying collectors and sellers in an Internet forum for discussion and trading of rare and precious coins from around the world.

Each collector has a different approach to coin collecting ? some try to collect nickels or pennies from each year as far back as possible while others focus on various special collections issued by the US Mint or other providers of currency. For many coin collectors, coins can become a profitable investment.

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